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FYI - Questions and Answers

Question: Is your die cut titles really cut titles, or are they just letters that were created using computer software and then printed out on a printer?

Answer: All of my die cut titles have individual cut pieces from cardstock, and they have been assembled by me. None of my die cut titles are advertised as such, if that's not what they are. They were not printed from a printer. I can assure you that each piece was cut from a cutting machine, and put together by me in layers.

Question: Are your die cut titles assembled, or do they need to be glued and put together when they arrive?

Answer: All of my die cut titles are already assembled. You are buying a finished title, and all you will need to do, is attach it to your project, using either glue, or pop-dots.

Question: Are your character pieces die cuts or prints? Do they need to be assembled? And, how sturdy are they?

Answer: My printed pieces will arrive in one piece. Any 3D layers will be added by me, before the piece is shipped. All the shadows, outlines, and chalking of the printed pieces were created by me, and then the original piece was scanned, and the printed piece was made from the original scan. My printed pieces have all small center openings already cut out. They are printed on 80 lb cardstock, and then doubled with another piece of 80 lb cardstock, making them double thickness. They are not backed up with a black or white piece of cardstock to make them appear like a die cut, because they are not a die cut, and I don't want to advertise them as something that they are not. No white or black edgings are around the outside of my printed pieces, for this will just hide more of your creation for no reasoning.

If you have any questions, you can comment, or email me anytime on Etsy, Ebay, or my website.

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