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Granddaughter Caught Fish Bigger Than Her Brother

Reading some emails that my customers have been sending me, I've discovered that several of them visit my Pinterest and Blog regularly. So, tonight I decided to post something a little more personal, which I don't normally do on my blog, but thought it would be a break from scrapbook reading.

My granddaughter (Haley) went fishing today, and she reeled in a Black Drum that was larger than her little brother. (Photo was adjusted to hide identity of child and fish). ;) Her brother didn't hesitate to lay down next to the fish when his dad asked him to. We told him that we wanted to see if he was bigger than the fish, and believe it or not, the fish was larger.

Reading on the internet, we found that Black Drum, this large, does not taste very good, however, blackening or baking it, might help. My son filleted it anyways, and said he'll give it a try. In the meantime, my granddaughter said that she's only doing recreational fishing from here on out, and felt bad about keeping it, and all fish that she catches from now on, will be tossed back in. The fillets, in the meantime, are in the freezer, until we find an appropriate recipe.

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